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TNS WarmUp Seattle: Docker, Microservices and Complex Distributed Apps

Feb 27th, 2015 10:32am by
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We’re a few days away from The New Stack WarmUp in Seattle at the Experience Music Project Museum (EMP). It’s coming up Tuesday night. Here’s what we have planned:

  • We’ll start the night with drinks and some good food that people will pass around on trays. It’s just informal, relaxed conversation with like-minded people.
  • We will then move to the beautiful JBL Theater for discussions about continuous integration and containers; and running complex apps across distributed infrastructure and how it fits in context with the dynamic forces that reflect the way developers and operations teams relate to the new stack universe.


March 3, 2015 • 6:30-8:30 PM
Experience Music Project • Seattle, Wa.


  • Heather McKelvey, Basho’s vice president of engineering, will discuss the role of the database across multiple data centers and platforms.


  • Richard Seroter of CenturyLink will discuss application integration and microservices.


  • Avi Cavale of Shippable will provide his perspectives about container portability, Docker and what continuous integration is starting to look like in this new stack world.




  • 6:30 pm – 7:15 pm: Beer, wine and snacks.
  • 7:15 pm – 8:00 pm: Three 15-minute interviews with our speakers about app development and management in a distributed, new stack world.
  • 8:00 pm – 8:30 pm: More time to talk over a drink and snacks.
  • 8:30 pm: Head to the pub.


EMP Museum, 325 5th Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109

Hope you can make it.

Basho and Shippable are sponsors of The New Stack.

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