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Trilio Data is a Time Machine for OpenStack Data Backup and Recovery

Dec 18th, 2017 4:27pm by
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Trilio Data, A Time Machine For OpenStack Data

As OpenStack is pressed into production, users will need some kind of data protection and backup. Who is serving these customers? We talked to David Safaii, CEO of Trilio Data, which offers OpenStack backup and recovery solutions.

While there are many players offering data protection and recovery in the overall IT market, what differentiates Trilio Data, according to Safaii, is that it is the only native data protection solution for OpenStack.

The company was founded by Balcha Muralidhar, who previously worked at EMC. Muralidhar was one of the co-authors of Raksha, the first specification for OpenStack Backup-as-a-Service. Muralidhar productized it and created a closed source product around that specification.

“Since it was built for the cloud from the ground up, it adheres to the characteristics of the cloud,” said Safaii. “It meets all the requirements of the cloud – scalable, self-service, multi-tenant and keeps up with the expansion and contraction of customer’s cloud. It grows with the customer.”

Legacy based data protection solutions have code that was written decades ago,  Safaii said. It requires hardware. It requires agents. In comparison, Trilio Data is software-defined. It’s downloadable and can easily become part of customer infrastructure without any agent or black box.

“That’s critical because when you look at cloud, you have to think about managing it, expanding and contracting it. Managing agents to recover environments becomes another pain,” said Safaii, in an interview for the newest edition of The New Stack Makers podcast, recorded at the recent OpenStack Summit Sydney 2017 conference. “In addition, legacy solutions don’t offer true multi-tenant, self-serving capabilities that customers require today.”

Trilio offers protection of any kind of data, from transaction data and test dev environments to banks and telecommunications networks in the network functions virtualization space; it could even be rescuing WordPress running in OpenStack cloud.

“There’s a lot of different types of data that we do protect against the application,” said Safaii. “We want people to have the ability to recover if need be or if there is corruption. Rewind the clock. It’s like a time machine, if you will.”

In This Edition:

2:59: What data protection services Trilio is offering to its customers.
5:43: Data protection in the cloud.
8:19: The spike in usage of cloud, OpenStack, and Trilio.
12:20: Open sourcing Trilio?
15:06: Machine learning and data protection.
16:10: Data protection as an evolution to business assurance and resource management.

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