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Troubleshooting Connection Issues When Running Docker on a Mac

Jun 12th, 2014 3:54pm by
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Many people will be experimenting with Docker on a Mac even though Docker runs best with Linux as its host system. There is a great project called boot2docker which simplifies using Docker on OSX. When using boot2docker, however, I found some problems with accessing docker hosted services that could be due to changes in boot2docker or docker (things are moving fast in the Docker world). I’ve had multiple versions of both tools installed as I have been playing with Docker and perhaps there is a remnant of old configurations that is causing my issues.

I wrote up a post on my personal blog which noted the solution I found. The post might serve useful for people new to the Docker world or new to boot2docker. I explore how I went about troubleshooting the network issues I saw and illustrate a little more about how docker networking works, and what boot2docker and VirtualBox are supposed to be doing (but failed in my case) and then finally how I was able to successfully view the services I started. It shows how easily you can run a service like Mesos (as long as you can get past the networking issues that sometimes occur).

If you have feedback on the post, I’d love to hear it.

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