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Typeform: To Go and Beyond

Nov 21st, 2017 11:43am by and
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Typeform: To Go and Beyond

On today’s episode of The New Stack Makers, TNS founder Alex Williams spoke briefly with Typeform operations engineer Daniel Vidal de la Rubia to learn more about Typeform’s technology infrastructure, and its continuing development of a Kubernetes environment.

Typeform aims to help humanize online forms, also making extensive use of database technologies such as MySQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, and, shortly, PostgreSQL. Typeform initially began working with Kubernetes on a small internal cluster for its own use and is now in the process of building out its Kubernetes infrastructure.

“We use Go for the bac- end mainly, and stack it with PHP. We still have a monolith, but we’re moving to microservices. Most of the things we’re stacking from the monolith, they are built in Go and React. We are looking to move forward to Kubernetes,” said Vidal de la Rubia.

In This Edition:

1:08: The performance aspect of Software Circus.
1:49: Typeform’s infrastructure and how it is built on Go and PHP.
3:32: What is Typeform’s objective in building out on Kubernetes, and what business challenges that would be eased by Kubernetes.
5:39: The storage environment of Typeform.
6:46: How Typeform is approaching the challenge of its existing stateful environments.

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