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A Universal Resource Broker to Deploy Mesos Frameworks on Kubernetes

Sep 28th, 2017 12:55pm by and
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A Universal Resource Broker To Connect Mesos And Kubernetes

Earlier this year, cloud platform provider Univa re-launched Navops, its multi-tenant container platform, as a way for multiple clients to run microservices on Kubernetes. Later that month, Univa formally contributed Universal Resource Broker (URB) to the open source community. With URB users may run Mesos compatible frameworks (including Spark, Hadoop, Storm, Jenkins, Marathon, and Chronos) along-side native Kubernetes applications. The services can then be managed on a single Kubernetes cluster. URB implements the Mesos Scheduler API and Executor API and supports Mesos frameworks written in Java, Scala, Python, and C++.

“The Mesos framework thinks it’s running on Mesos, essentially,” explained Robert Lalonde, Univa’s vice president and general manager for Navops, in an interview with Alex Williams for a The New Stack Makers podcast.

Lalonde described URB as “a Mesos-compatible API — a shim we’ve built [that] sits on top of Kubernetes. It is open source, and the Mesos framework thinks it’s running on Mesos. It’s just a real simple, lightweight layer that provides a Mesos-compatible API to the application framework.”

We also learned about how the Navops-driven operations of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation gathers health and wellness data from universities, organizations, and government agencies on a global scale — and we learned how putting that data to use in analytics operations is having an immediate effect, in terms of lives saved by healthcare providers.

Learn more about how the Navops team perceives the integration of workloads, and how the URB could lead to a multi-tenant Mesos universe fully facilitated by Kubernetes, in this latest edition of The New Stack Makers podcast from the Open Source Summit in Los Angeles.

In This Edition:

1:07: The story behind the universal resource broker Univa has open-sourced.
5:52: What are the workloads Lalonde is starting to see emerge that would be suited to this new adapter?
10:33: The concept behind virtualization of a cluster.
14:06: Highlighting the Univa advanced resource manager’s benefits.
17:15: The differences between companies that are adopting Kubernetes now versus a year ago.
21:23: How Lalonde views the need to run on multiple architectures now and moving forward.

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