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VMware Unveils a Pile of New Data Services for Its Cloud

VMware announced an updated version of VMware Data Services Manager, a new Sovereign Cloud initiative, updates to Spring and upgrades across the Tanzu Application Platform.
Nov 22nd, 2023 8:44am by
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VMware is entering into collaborations with Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Symantec and IBM to supply various new data services for its own Cloud Foundation and is beginning an initiative to guide users in incorporating generative AI into their software-defined edge architectures.

At its Explore 2023 conference earlier this month in Barcelona, the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company also announced an updated version of VMware Data Services Manager, a new Sovereign Cloud initiative, updates to Spring, the most commonly used Java development framework, and upgrades across the Tanzu Application Platform for the development of AI-powered applications.

Here are synopses of the new collaboration deals:

IBM: IBM and VMware are joining forces to bring IBM watsonx AI and data platform to on-premises environments on VMware Private AI and Red Hat OpenShift, to enable fast, transparent generative AI capabilities.

“IBM and VMware provide enterprise users the flexibility to enable generative AI use cases wherever mission-critical operations reside,” Chris Wolf, VP of VMware AI Labs, said during an online press conference. “That’s why IBM and VMware are pairing VMware Cloud Foundation, Red Hat OpenShift and the IBM watsonx AI and data platform. This combination will enable enterprises to access IBM watsonx in private, on-premises Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environments as well as hybrid cloud with watsonx SaaS offerings on IBM Cloud.”

Apple: VMware End User Computing introduced new Mac management capabilities using a new automation toolkit, Freestyle Orchestrator. This adds to the macOS management features already offered in Workspace ONE UEM. Support for macOS endpoints in Freestyle Orchestrator includes a low/no-code platform to create and automate complex IT workflows, including app and patch deployments, software and resource sequencing and desired state management of the OS. This allows admins to work more efficiently by enabling powerful automation for essential daily tasks such as onboarding and configuring Macs.

Intel: VMware and Intel are developing a jointly validated AI stack that will enable users to use their existing general-purpose VMware and Intel infrastructure and open source software to simplify building and deploying AI models. The combination of VMware Cloud Foundation and Intel’s AI software suite, IBM’s Xeon processors with built-in AI accelerators, and Intel Max Series GPUs will provide a validated and benchmarked AI stack for data preparation, model training, fine-tuning and inferencing to accelerate scientific discovery and enrich business and consumer services.

VMware also announced an expansion of its partnership with Intel to automate the detection of vulnerabilities at the hardware, firmware, and driver level. The exclusive integration with Intel Device Health cloud service will feed telemetry data from all Intel Core processors to Workspace ONE UEM to provide improved vulnerability insights below the operating system. IT and security teams will be able to protect their organizations more proactively against firmware and hardware level threats with the connection of Intel’s vulnerability insights and Workspace ONE vulnerability reporting and remediation capabilities.

Microsoft: VMware has joined the Microsoft Security Copilot partner private preview. Microsoft Security Copilot is a gen AI-based tool that helps users to quickly detect and respond to threats and better understand the threat landscape overall. VMware and Microsoft will collaborate to offer VMware SASE users the option to share insights from their SASE deployment with Microsoft Security Copilot. VMware’s participation in the Microsoft Security Copilot partner private preview will help to augment the security events the tool learns from to include network perimeter security information.

Symantec: To deliver consistent security across all edge locations, applications, users, and devices, VMware announced initial integration with Broadcom Inc.’s Symantec. VMware has extended its Security Service Edge orchestration integration to include Symantec Cloud Secure Web Gateway (formerly Web Security Service). With this new integration and planned evolution, VMware expects to deliver an additional single-vendor SASE option with additional best-in-class networking and security capabilities.

New in Data Services Manager

Data Services Manager now will provide management for a wide range of data services, not only databases, as a natively integrated experience for VMware Cloud Foundation users, serving the needs of IT admins, data teams and developers. These capabilities, along with new data services partnerships with Google Cloud and MinIO and new VMware Cloud advancements, will provide developer-ready infrastructure to accelerate app innovation, provide multicloud flexibility and agility and enable more secure and resilient organizations.

Intelligent Threat Detection is a new capability in technology preview that will deliver proactive AI/ML-powered encryption prevention and response, allowing users to see more to stop more and recover faster. Users will be able to identify modern ransomware prior to encryption using aggressive behavioral analysis of powered-on workloads in a cloud-based isolated environment and detect encryption events across protected workloads by analyzing file system metadata, data change rates, and entropy.

VMware Live Recovery is a new offering that provides cyber and data resiliency for VMware Cloud. VMware Live Recovery delivers unified protection, secure cyber recovery and simplified consumption. Users benefit from unified management of ransomware and disaster recovery across on-premises and public clouds, confident and accelerated recovery from modern ransomware and flexible licensing for changing business needs and threats.

Spring Time for Java Developers

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Spring, the most commonly used framework for Java development, which has continued to grow 50% year over year for the last five years.

Updates to the framework include:

  • The general availability of Spring Boot 3.2 and Spring Framework 6.1 release enables developers to create GraalVM native images that use Spring Boot and Java 21’s virtual threads (Project Loom) to achieve better app runtime scalability, energy efficiency, startup time, and RAM consumption.
  • Spring AI is a new experimental project designed to simplify and streamline the development of AI applications by enabling developers to use the familiar Spring Framework with simplified commands to add AI capabilities to their application development process.
  • VMware Tanzu Spring Vulnerability Assessment Tool helps organizations understand their Spring application portfolio’s dependencies and security issues. This allows organizations to effectively remediate issues, improve software compliance, and mitigate risk.

Tanzu Upgrades

VMware Tanzu introduced the following improvements across its platform to help developers and platform teams build their apps:

  • Tanzu Application Platform adds DORA metrics with Deployment Frequency and Lead Time for Changes in the developer portal, enabling teams to track and benchmark their software delivery performance to continuously assess and improve the software delivery practices while improving transparency to management and accountability to business goals.
  • VMware Spring Runtime is now integrated into the Tanzu Application Platform, including a commercial subscription to Spring Framework and tools with extended support for a seamless experience for mission-critical Spring applications.
  • Tanzu Application Service 5.0 adds a new Postgres tile for DBaaS and AI tile (beta) with an included trained LLM available to the familiar “cf push” experience, reduces platform costs with improved platform tooling for disaster recovery workflows and new architecture for application metrics architecture and expands cloud availability with support for Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.

VMware at the Edge

In addition to the aforementioned Microsoft and Symantec initiatives, the recently introduced VMware Software-Defined Edge now includes:

  • New VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator telemetry capabilities for better visibility of edge workloads.
  • Introduction of Intelligent Assist for the VMware Software-Defined Edge to simplify the operational experience across multiple stakeholders.
  • New Workflow Hub for Telco Cloud Automation to support the rapid rollout of cell sites.

Security for ‘Sovereign Clouds’

VMware’s Sovereign Cloud initiative is a global ecosystem of CSPs committed to helping users comply with rapidly growing and changing data privacy laws. VMware Sovereign Cloud providers must self-attest to a framework of guiding principles, best practices, and technical architecture requirements to deliver cloud services that adhere to the data sovereignty requirements of the specific jurisdiction in which that cloud operates, as mandated by the relevant government or commercial body.

There are now more than 50 VMware Sovereign Cloud providers in 33 countries as part of an interconnected and diverse ecosystem that supports users’ sovereign cloud requirements. The idea is for VMware and these partners to use their data safely and at a high level while remaining compliant with data privacy regulations.

A spokesman for the company said that the impending acquisition of VMware, first announced in May 2022 by Broadcom, will be finalized as soon as this month.

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