Are There Ways of Being Paranoid Without Being an Asshole? — Software Defined Talk #45

5 Oct 2015 8:08pm, by

After discussing the Horns of Moses and beard butter, we talk about how big companies seem to always “miss it.” We use a recent write-up of Nokia as the launching point, and sort of conclude that the problem is: people get fat and happy and don’t stay “paranoid” enough. We also discuss ad blocking and how little most tech vendor marketers probably care about the topic. Brandon gives a good rant on how to do marketing right: have a great product.

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Show Notes

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  • Brandon: Global Entry is totally worth it. Also, The Magic Kingdom at Disney World.
  • Matt: new noise-canceling headphones, Bose QuietComfort 20 .
  • Coté: you can now get uncooked black beans at Costco.

Michael Coté works for Pivotal — a sponsor of The New Stack.