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This Week in News: Meet Your New Pair-Programming Partner

26 Jan 2018 2:00pm, by

This Week in News: Meet Your New Pair-Programming Partner

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This week on The New Stack Context weekly news wrap podcast, we talk with TNS San Francisco correspondent Alex Handy about a fascinating story he wrote on a startup in Israel called Codota that’s applied machine-learning to augment and complement the abilities of the developer.

We also discussed BeyondCorp, which is Google’s approach to enterprise security. The company has ditched VPNs in favor of the concept of “zero-trust” or “perimeter-less” security. Our recent article about BeyondCorp has seen a lively discussion on Hacker News.

TNS Editorial Director Libby Clark hosted this episode and was joined by TNS founder and Editor-in-Chief Alex Williams and TNS Managing Editor Joab Jackson.


AI-Based Pair Programming:

Google’s BeyondCorp

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