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This Week in Numbers: Lots of Low Code Vendors Have Already Been Rejected

Aug 5th, 2017 9:02am by
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Low code tools are this generation’s WYSIWYG. What was once a real product category is now only described functionality bundled into larger offerings. Will low code platforms face the same fate?

Theoretically, the solutions reduce development costs and enable business process transformation. In reality, we still don’t know the degree to which these benefits have catalyzed adoption. A survey of 209 people that have low code on their roadmaps — conducted by Forrester Research, and sponsored by business process management vendor Appian — indicates which companies are poised to benefit. OutSystems is the most widely adopted with 22 percent of respondents using them. Salesforce’s App Cloud is a close second at 19 percent. We see why Appian sponsored the survey; twenty-five percent of respondents are either evaluating it or planning to purchase it in the next year. At 20 percent, Mendix is in second place among vendors with an opportunity to get new customers.

Most of the other 13 vendors asked about are in for a world of hurt. Except for one vendor, all had been evaluated by at least 40 percent of respondents. Yet, a majority of people who knew about one of these vendors had already evaluated and rejected them. This indicates that either the market’s top vendors are heads and shoulders above everyone else, or that some products are rushing to associate themselves with the latest buzzword. Do you think ancient FileMaker fits that description?

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