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What Will Marten Mickos Say About Docker at Our New Stack Meetup Monday Night?

Oct 31st, 2014 1:45pm by

HP’s new cloud chief Marten Mickos will be a speaker at our event Monday night in Paris. C’est vrai. And I expect we will talk about Docker…and mopeds. You can register here to attend the Nov. 3rd event titled: What Do Docker, Container Ecosystems and Orchestration Mean for OpenStack?

Following a day at OpenStack, the event should make for an entertaining and informative evening. We have some of the brightest technologists in the community expected to be there.

At the Ricon conference this week, Mickos had his own perspectives to share about Docker, as I wrote about in a post earlier this week, which is also recorded.

Marten Mickos, HackerOne: Keynote at Ricon

Mickos said that, first of all, the question is: “Why now?” Simply, it points to the impossibility of predicting what will happen. Furthermore, containers do not solve the problems of the world. You can squeeze a balloon but the air just goes somewhere else.  Technology is the same way. It may seem like you are removing the complexity but really it is just is pushing it somewhere else.

He added:

Maybe the big car is a hypervisor and the moped is a Docker container.

My questions: How will containers and virtual machines come to be seen not as separate but as correlating technologies? And what will those corollaries be, now with so many questions about how to create pooled networks, scheduling mechanisms and arbitrage layers that sit on top of the infrastructure itself, as Avi Cavale of Shippable talked about at our event in Seattle October 22.

But the conversation at OpenStack will have a different context. Docker is really not yet part of the OpenStack discussion. More so, it’s about the idea of a cloud operating system and how that fits with the concepts and thoughts emerging from the Docker and container movement.


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