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What’s Next for the Kubernetes AWS SIG

19 Apr 2017 1:09pm, by

On today’s episode of The New Stack Makers, we spoke with Deis Senior Software Engineer Kris Nova to get a glimpse behind the curtain of what’s to come from the Kubernetes AWS SIG during KubeCon EU. While some special interest groups can have hands-off organizations, Nova mentions that AWS has been instrumental in helping the SIG organize getting a Kubernetes AMI onto the Amazon Marketplace.

Pioneered by, the AMI for launching Kubernetes on AWS is a growing interest for many commercial and non-commercial Kubernetes open source developers. Having obtained sponsorship from the CNCF for the image, the SIG aims to continue its work throughout 2017 on the AMI.


1:10: So what have you been doing here at the event? What are some of the main things you’ve been doing?

1:46: Let’s start with the AWS effort. It seems like it’s really picking up momentum. Is that true, or not? How are you quantifying what’s happening in that group?

2:34: So who’s getting involved?

3:17: So tell me about that planning and where you are right now?

4:15: So tell us about that. Where you are with things, what you’re planning, and what the requirements are that you’re making a part of it.

4:45: So, when you’re thinking about this, what are you thinking about doing? What are you trying to achieve in the first iterations?

5:20: Tell me a little bit more about who else you’re seeing involved in this project, the types of companies you’re seeing that are interested in this?

6:11: Why are you so interested in this effort around AWS? What is it that drives you?

6:47: Changing the course of open source software is a big statement. How would this change the face of open source software?

8:28: So, for example, the configuration. What are some of the more noteworthy nuances?

9:34: So this obviously is a massive project. It’s like the complexities of the cloud. This is an infrastructure built for Google and now you’re trying to put what’s built for Google on AWS.

10:24: So I expect that there’s no participation from AWS in something like this?

10:39: So what kind of things does AWS help with then?

11:06: When do you expect an AMI to be on AWS?

11:32: So you also work on KOPS, tell us a bit about that?

11:56: So, that’s part and parcel of the SIG that you have then?

12:28: So what are you working on at Deis?

13:06: So native ingress controllers with the workflow tool, what does that mean?

13:34: And when is that being launched? When is that being released?

14:09: We’re here at this event, it’s all focused on KubeCon, what have been some of the exciting things you’ve seen announced here or sessions you’ve attended?

14:49: What sessions have you attended that you were interested in?

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