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Where Is Kubernetes Headed in 2018 and Beyond?

Dec 12th, 2017 12:50pm by
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Where Is Kubernetes Headed In 2018 And Beyond?

On this latest episode of The New Stack Makers, we sat down with Aparna Sinha Group Project Manager for Kubernetes at Google, Google Engineering Manager Phillip Wittrock and Aaron Crickenberger Samsung SDS Cloud Architect. The topic of discussion from KubeCon and CloudNativeCon was the future of Kubernetes as we head into the new year and look ahead to 2018.

When discussing Kubernetes’ future impact on Google product development Sinha explains, “I think from a Google perspective we’re very much dedicated to the continued growth of Kubernetes and helping it thrive. It has to be thought through very carefully in terms of the value and the culture… As for what’s the direction, I think that direction is really set by the community. There’s a real push toward stability.”

As Kubernetes transitions into adolescence, Crickenberger notes, establishing boundaries is huge. “Who owns different areas of the project, who wants to own it, and wants to take on the responsibility of different aspects of the project? If we go back and wait for some grand, crystalized architectural vision where everyone slots in, you’ll be waiting for a very long time.”

In This Edition:

1:58: What is the Kubernetes Steering Committee and its role?
8:14: Thinking about the culture and values of Kubernetes overall when developing one’s own products
11:52: Kubernetes adolescence and its identity evolution
15:20: The signs of maturity in Kubernetes
19:56: Kubernetes clusters as API objects
23:04: Kubernetes SIG testing and conformance

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